Snow, Scrapbooking, Sleepovers, and Spring(??)

The Blizzard of Oz is over.  I'm not sure how much snow we actually got, but I'd guess just over a foot here in Olathe.  Enough to strand Craig's co-worker and college friend, Earl, in Kansas City (from Wichita).  Lucky for him, we didn't want him to be alone in a hotel room so we invited him to stay in our guestroom, eat our food, drink our beer, and play our shuffleboard.  I think the boys enjoyed their sleepover.

Here are some pictures I took yesterday during the eye of the storm.
Nope, that's not fog.  It's the snow coming down!

Our deck before Craig shoveled a path for K dog.

Poor little Kinnick refused to go more than 2 steps.

Our firepit on the basement patio.

Like planned, yesterday I dug out all of my scrapbooking stuff from our basement closet. I spent about 3 hours searching the Internet for ways to organize it all! I have a few ideas, but need to check Lowe's Storage and Organization department for more inspiration. (The organizing part excites me! Almost more so than the actual scrapbooking!) Here are some pictures I found on Google.
This room is like heaven on Earth for this girl.  Clean, cute, and majorly organized!

Craig loves his pegboard in the garage...maybe I'll love my future pegboard for scrapbook supplies??

Love this!  Love how the the ribbon is in order by colors of the rainbow.  Looks like my closet!

I'm SO jealous of all these scrapbook rooms!!!  Here's a picture of my pitiful, little get-up in our basement.  Notice my bottle of beer resting nicely on the lamp??  Thank you Sarah and Ryan Nixon for the duel-purpose wedding gift. =)

And here's my first scrapbook page in over a year!  New Years Eve of '09.  Katie--does the layout look familiar?  It should because I copied your watermelon page pretty much picture for picture.  (See the computer?  The picture of your page is pulled up on Facebook.)  I have no creativity...copying is what I do!
Cute!  I forgot how much I enjoyed this!

This morning, I decided to help Craig shovel the driveway.  Ok fine, he guilted me into it.  And I thought if I helped, maybe, just MAYBE, he'd take me to Lowe's sometime today (hint hint to you hubby).  Back to the driveway.  Really, it was more shoveling the huge pile mountain of snow in FRONT of our driveway.  Thank you, snow plows, for that.  (J/k.  I actually appreciate the snow plows and the guys, like my dad, who work for hours on end to clean our streets.)  Of course, this was the perfect time for a photo op.  Thank you hubby for being cooperative.
Big pile 'o snow.  It seemed bigger in person.

Oh geeze, what am I doing??

And then I decided to sit in it!

My hubs.  Lookin good, honey, lookin good!

Our house.  It likes summer a lot better.

121st Street.  It also enjoys summer.

Here's how our dog enjoys his snow days.  Bellied up next to the space heater, of course.  With his pet squirrel nearby.  I cannot believe how much of a priss dog we have!  I guess like mother, like son!

And finally, I thought I'd leave you with a bit of good news on this snowy Groundhog Day.  Apparently, Punxsutawney Phil didn't see his shadow.  What's that mean?  It means spring is coming early this year!!!  Though I'm not sure I believe him, I'll be optimistic.  And all I can say about that is  

Here he is, the cute little guy!

Thank you for NOT running back into your hole Phil!


  1. Are you sure Craig isn't releasing a little methane into the atmosphere in his photo? He looks a little strained.

  2. Your page looks great!! Don't think I am creative, I just copied the layout from one of those books. Can't wait to help with the craft room!!