Hawaii, Check! San Fran, Check!

I huge weight has just been lifted off my shoulders!



After researching Hawaii, studying price quotes, changing our minds about where to stay, changing our minds again, and asking advice from everyone I know that's ever in their life visited Hawaii, I finally gave our travel agent the go ahead (i.e. our credit card number) to book our trip!  Whoop whoop!!!!  I'm so excited!  The main reason for our trip - my high school bestie lives there and is getting married!!!  Friday, July 1 is her big day and I'm looking forward to standing up as a bridesmaid in her wedding!  (Maybe I should try on my dress and make sure it still fits...) 

We fly in to Honolulu/Waikiki on Wednesday, June 29...just in time for my bestie Sarah's bachelorette party!  We're staying right on the beach at the Outrigger Reef (the location of the ceremony).  We plan to take in some touristy activities in Waikiki in our spare time, such as a Pearl Harbor/city tour and possibly the Dole Plantation and North Shore.
The Outrigger

The North Shore is known for its big waves, but apparently they aren't as big in the summer??

After three eventful days on the island of Oahu, we fly to Maui, where we'll stay for three more days in an ocean-view room at the Royal Lahaina.  We're getting a rental car--none other than a convertible!  I can honestly say that I don't think I've ever been in a convertible!
The Royal Lahaina Resort

I've been told to pack light, as convertibles have very little space for luggage.  Yikes!  Have you SEEN me back?? We're staying for 7 days & 6 nights...which means I'll need take 10 swimsuits, 8 dresses, 6 pairs of shoes, 8 tank tops, 3 cover-ups, 5 pairs of shorts, 2 skirts, and 3 beach towels.

We're hoping for more down time/time to relax in Maui, but did book a snorkeling excursion!  We loved it so much on our honeymoon, we want to do it again in Hawaii!  Let's hope the scenery below water is a little better than it was in Jamaica...
One lonesome little fish.  And a jellyfish.
And that I improve on putting on my snorkel mask.  Craig still makes fun of me for this pic.
I'm honestly not sure how I survived.
Anyway, back to Hawaii...

My parents are also going to the wedding and vacationing with us.  It should be a great experience!  Who knows - maybe my mom and I will come back with one of these??
By "these", I mean a coconut bra...NOT a girl!
141 days til the wedding (thanks to your Knot page Sarah for the countdown)....which means 139 and counting til we land in Hawaii!

Though we're going to Hawaii this summer, Craig and I also decided to take a mini-vacay over my Spring Break.  We realize that trips like these will be hard once we have kids, so we're taking advantage now while we're footloose and fancy free.  I found some pretty reasonable flights through cheapair.com and was pretty confident I could find a hotel on Hotwire.

Here's how Hotwire works.  You tell it what city you are traveling to and it responds with available hotels, prices, star-ratings, and the area of the hotel...BUT it does not give the the name of the hotel until you book.  No changes or refunds and all bookings are final.  Talk about nerve-wracking!

I have used Hotwire before and was able to score a Hyatt hotel room in downtown Denver for around $80!

Anyway, I put in my info for San Fran.  My friend (aka the Hawaiian bride-to-be) recommended we stay in the Union Square area, so I narrowed it down to two options.

A 4-star hotel priced at $131 or a 3.5-star hotel priced at $100.  Like I said, it's a nerve-wracking decision.  After reading the facts on Hotwire, I decided the hubs would be happy to save over $100 by choosing the 3.5-star hotel.  Same general area, one-half star lower.  Can't be much of a difference, right??  And the 3.5-star category includes hotels such as Sheraton, Hilton, Hyatt, Doubletree, Embassy Suites, and Crowne Plaza.  Can't go wrong with any of those I wouldn't think.  Time to submit and see where we're staying.  Drumroll please........

The Warwick San Francisco???????

What??  I didn't know that was an option!!  I thought I'd be staying at a Sheraton!!

Here's what it looks like...

Lovely.  Just what I had envisioned for my SB11.  Psych!!!!

It was built in 1913!!!!!!  Seriously?!  This is NOT where I want to stay!  The last time I stayed at an ancient hotel like this, I saw a ghost!!!  Grrrr....I'm pretty disappointed. :(

On the plus side, there is a bar.

I'll try to be optimistic and be thankful I'm able to go on vacations in the first place.  But seriously, here???? :(  See if I ever use you again, Hotwire!

We don't have specific plans for San Fran.  We'll be there from Sunday, March 13 through Wednesday, March 16.  Obviously, we want to see the Golden Gate Bridge.  We would also love to visit a winery.  Other than that, we'll just go with the flow.  Recommendations are welcome!  Just over four weeks until we go! 

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  1. The comment about the coconut bras & the girls was priceless! Let me know if you bring an extra one... girl, I mean NOT coconut bra.