Sarah's Super Scrapping Area

My friend Katie and I planned to spend our 3rd snow day of the week by scrapbooking. We both submitted pictures to this morning, but for some reason their photo machine was down and our 1-hour order turned into a 5-hour order. No big deal. We'll just head to a couple of stores to check out the scrapbook supplies.

Archiver's - short and sweet. Katie got some paper, I got some football stickers for the KU tailgate page I have in mind.

On to Michael's. As we were browsing through the scrapbook aisles, we came across some organizational cubes. THE cubes I posted pictures of last night! Though there wasn't a huge selection (as in the pictures), we were brainstorming about which ones we'd want, which ones would work the best, and how we'd set them up. Then I see this sign: "See aisle A24 for more scrapbook organization shelves." Aisle A24 was at the opposite corner of the store, and as we turn the corner...AHHHHHHHHHH (in an angel singing voice). Organizing heaven! They had all the pieces pictured on their website, AND MORE!! If only I had a million dollars...

Not only that, but it was all 40% off! I swear this day was meant to be! It was still a little pricey, but you can't put a price on being organized, right?!

So, we started with just four cubes and the ribbon spool shelf.  Craig was less than thrilled when I came home with a car full of shelves (especially after we spent an hour last night putting together the Lowe's cubes), but decided it was worth any dollar amount if he didn't have to help put these together. (That's why Katie was here...remember, our pictures still aren't printed at this point.)

It may have taken us longer than it would have taken Craig, but lo and behold, we managed to put all four cubes together! Katie's a pro at following picture instructions and I'm a pro at using a ratchet screwdriver.  Who knew???

Then, we decided two more cubes would make for the best set-up. Back to Michael's we go to buy two more!  (Two of the worst to put together, I might add!)

By 6:00 this evening, all six cubes were put together and stacked. And finally, by then, our pictures at Walmart were done. Too bad we were out of time to actually scrapbook.

My awesome hubby hung BOTH my pegboard and ribbon spool shelf tonight. He's the best!

Here's some pictures of my scrapping area!

There he is hanging my stuff!

Finished product!  I'm finally happy with it!

Michael's cubes

Ribbon shelf.  I'm going to see if they'll let me exchange the rods since they're super bowed.

Pegboard!  Need to get a few hooks then there will be stickers galore!

Needless to say, the shelves from last night are taken apart, packed, and ready to go back to Lowe's.  I'm so excited to start scrapbooking again!

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