Headed for Organization

I'm on my way to having a somewhat-organized scrapping area!  Not only did my hubs take me to Lowe's this evening, but we also made trips to Walmart, Hobby Lobby, and Home Depot!  (And stopped for dinner at Smashburger...that was his idea!)  THEN he helped me put together a shelf I bought!  (I think deep down he understands my longing for organization.  He's the same way.  My scrapping area is like his garage.)

Here's what I worked on tonight.  I'm not overly happy with the outcome.  I don't like how the cubicals are too small for my binders.  Nor do I like that the drawers I bought for paper don't fit perfectly on the shelf.

Paper - organized and sorted according to ROY G. BIV!

The shelf.  It's probably going back to the store.  Just need to find another option first.

My very own pegboard.  I can't wait until Craig hangs it!!!!!!

I still don't have a total vision of what I want.  I keep finding all these pictures online, but can't find anything similar to purchase in the stores.  (See below.)  I love all of this stuff from Michael's website, but they don't tell you prices or give you the option to buy!  WTH?  Stay tuned for updates....

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  1. Ikea has many bookcase options that fit binders in their squares. The squares end up being 13 wide x13 high x15 deep. Even my largest albums and paper fit within. Look for the EXPEDIT units. They have nice desk options as well.