Tuesday Tips

We got our new couches over the weekend (and love them!), but I don't feel like taking pictures right now, so I'll save that blog post for later in the week!  Instead, I thought I'd pass along a few great ideas on a Tuesday!

#1: Have you ever given a Starbucks giftcard?  Here's a super cute way to display the giftcard!  Take one of the cup warmers from Starbucks, punch two holes in it, tie a ribbon through, and slide the giftcard down in.  Ta da!  This was a birthday present from my friend Katie.  She's so creative!

#2: If you're like me, you have a million scarves and you're not sure how to store them.  You could drape them around a hanger, but they fall off easily and not many fit around one hanger.  You could throw them in a drawer, but then you can't display them to know which one matches the best.  Instead, Bed Bath & Beyond sells these butterfly scarf hangers that allows you to hang 12 scarves in one location.  Genius!  I noticed my friend Rachel's last month when we helped them move, so next time I was at BB&B, I made sure to pick one up! 

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