It's A...

Last night was our gender reveal party.  It was such a good time and we appreciate all our family and friends who came to share in this life-changing moment with us.

Supposed to be blue and pink drink...turned out purple and pink

There the box sits...

Our soon-to-be family of 4...Kinnick was wearing his blue snuggie!

Team Blue

Team Pink

Dialing a few people on Skype before the big reveal!

The Big Reveal

I'll let the pics do most of the talking...but imagine my shock when we opened our box full of BLUE balloons!  I was just certain it was a girl!  Craig is ecstatic!  He's already making plans for our SON to play basketball for KU.  He insists it's a possibility.....keep dreaming honey.

Still in shock

Looking at the sonogram pic

Checking out the goods on the sonogram photo

Proud Grandma

So, there you have it! We're having a BOY!  I am SO excited to start decorating, toss around name ideas (we already have one), and attempt some DIY projects from Pinterest.  Looks like I won't get to dress up this little baby in leggings and bows...I'll just keep dreaming for the next one. :)

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  1. Congrats on finding out it's a BOY! You will find boys are fun! My nephew and a few of my close friends have boys and there are some really cute stuff for boys out there! You can dress up and have fun with a boy too!