Five on Friday

I'm jumping on board this Five on Friday thing - only about two years late.  Because sometimes a random blog post is where it's at.  Am I right?

This weekend, we're headed to Iowa for our first Iowa football game in a few years!  Craig and I used to go to each home opener, but honestly, I can't even remember the last time we set foot in Kinnick Stadium!  Three years ago, perhaps?  I wish we could take Brantley...he thinks it's hilarious that the stadium has our dog's name...and I know he would love it.  But considering each body that enters requires a ticket, and the cheapest ticket is $60, I think we'll pass this year.  Besides, it's a 7pm kickoff (a rarity for Iowa football), so needless to say, we have a good excuse to leave the kiddos with Gramma and Papa.  I am so excited to see Kinnick Stadium striped in black and gold...something I've seen on t.v. a number of times, but never in real life!  Go Hawks!  

Speaking of football...remember when all I ever wanted was a little girl to dress in frills and bows? Yeah, well, I have completely changed my mind on that and realized I was *made* to be a boy mom!! Dressing these boys in their jerseys and sports apparel on game days = heart melted.  I've also taught Brantley both the Iowa and Mill Valley fight songs and it's the cutest thing ever listening to him sing both!

Halloween is, oh, only about six weeks away and I've been trying to come up with some costume ideas for the boys.  Brantley has made it very obvious that he wants to be a snowman (Olaf, specifically) and of course, I wanted something similarly themed for Holden.  As of yesterday, I got it.  I have always loved penguins and how adorable is this one??

This week is Homecoming at my school.  You better believe that teachers enjoy dressing up as much as the kids!  Wednesday was Decade Day, so myself a few other A-hallway teachers donned our best 80s gear!  I even crimped my hair......with the crimper I had as a child.

This morning, I walked into school expecting a normal Homecoming Friday, but found myself a dance party instead.  The seniors arrived super early and decorated every square inch of the foyer in our school colors: midnight blue and silver.  Students from all classes were dancing, laughing, and have an all-out grand 7am.  It's crazy how much this school climate has changed in my nine years.  The school spirit has increased exponentially, and I finally feel like students know what Homecoming is all about.  Go Jags!

And because I'm too lazy to write anything else, I'll leave you with a photo of my handsome Holden.

Happy Friday, friends! 

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  1. What a fun date night, though!! I'm patiently waiting to go to an Arkansas game. Sean isn't really a fan of going to the stadium...he has a better seat on the couch. Ha He doesn't understand that it's about the experience and energy! Gah... ;)

    And matching brothers, so cute!!

  2. Seriously your boys are SO CUTE in all their football and baseball gear! I LOVE it. I just realized we don't have anything Steelers for Mason so I'm on the hunt to fix that right now!
    Also, love your crimpy hair for your homecoming! Yeah 80s! :) I love that the teachers get to dress up too!

  3. my new favorite version of the Iowa fight song!!

  4. College football games are so much fun! Glad you got to have a fun date! And your little guys look adorable in their jerseys!

  5. Um your boys are SO sweet!!! I love their matching jersey's for sure!!!!

    And 80's attire was on point friend!

  6. Your boys are TOO cute!
    My 2 year old is going to be a penguin for Halloween. He looks so cute waddling around in the costume!

  7. I can't believe you still have your crimper haha! You rocked that 80s outfit! And your boys aare so adorable in their team apparel.