When in Kansas...

These pictures make me happy.  Kansas is the Sunflower State after all, and moving here after college was probably the best thing I have ever done.  Who cares if my face is make-up free and my hair is in a less-than-flattering pony tail.  It's my real life, and a life I am truly appreciate of.  Had I never taken a leap of faith and moved out of the state I spent 24 (and a half) amazing years of my life in, I never would have met many of the friends I have today, never would have married the guy that is constantly making me laugh, and never would have laid my eyes on these adorably cute faces below.  For me, these photos are much more than just photos in a sunflower field.  They are representative of everything I am the most thankful for today. 

(Especially my husband who made the trek with us and never once complained about my need for an obsessive amount of photos.  That's true love, folks.)


  1. Oh my gosh! How GORGEOUS is this?! You make me want to visit Kansas!
    ps where did you move from? Not stalker-ish at all lol, just curious because for some reason I thought you always lived in Kansas! You give me hope that one day I will be brave enough to move to a different state and be able to afford a house :)

  2. These photos are EVERYTHING and more! Love. Love. Love.
    Kansas holds the most special place in my heart, too. Your journey sounds so much like mine. I just hope one of these days we will actually be able to move back.

  3. Great pictures! Our 2 miles of sunflower fields have started to bloom this week and I can't wait to get out there and get some shots!

  4. Ah yay you've finally posted again! I check back so often!

    These pictures are beautiful and make me miss home sooo much. Kansas really is everything and since I'm not there to enjoy it anymore, it makes me so happy to see you enjoy it!!