Labor Day Fun

We didn't make the annual trip to Iowa this Labor Day weekend.  Instead, we headed to Wichita for a baby shower (my 3rd in four weeks!), and of course, to see the Sides family.  It was Brantley's first trip to Wichita and I'm pretty sure everyone was thrilled to see him!

We left on Friday evening and turned around once, one mile down the road, because I forgot all of my pills.  About 30 miles later, I realized I forgot my makeup, too.  All of it.  And extra shoes.  (Luckily the one pair of flip flops I was wearing were sufficient.)  And our bottle sterilizer.  Oh, and the hubs forgot his toothbrush.  Mommy (and Daddy) brain at it's finest, I guess!  There was no turning back though and I refused to go to the baby shower sans makeup, so I had to go buy all new.  And let me tell ya, makeup is not cheap when you have to buy each and every thing at once.  Ugh.

Saturday was pretty low key.  We went to see our friends Jake and Angela and their adorable, 4-month old baby girl, Payton, watched a little college football, and of course attended the baby shower for Brandon and Jessica.  We are so excited for them and can't wait to meet Baby Provines (gender is a surprise!) in December!  It was great to see all of our Wichita friends and finally meet Darin & Libby's 4-month old boy, Preston.  So many babies, I tell ya!

Sunday was a Sides' family get-together, aka a loud and crazy day!  Brantley has seven cousins on that side and they were all there, as well as his 7-month old second cousin, Wyatt.  There's never a dull moment when you get that many kids together, that's for sure!  When we left, cute little Brekkyn said "I can't wait til Christmas."  When questioned why, her response was "So we are all together again."  How sweet!

Anyway, here are a few pics from our weekend in Wichita.

We headed home on Sunday night and enjoyed Labor Day in KC.  We attempted a trip to the Plaza to do a little fall shopping, but were very unsuccessful.  It wasn't the best idea in the 90+ degree heat.  We did, however, have an enjoyable lunch at Gram & Dunn.  Amazing!  If you live in the KC area and haven't been, go, soon!  It was delish!

Hope everyone had a wonderful final weekend of summer!  Bring on fall!

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