Friday Photo Dump

Happy Friday!  Our weekend plans include going to the Mill Valley football game tonight (if the rain holds off *fingers crossed*), the KU football game tomorrow, and cheering on the Chiefs from our couch on Sunday!  I even downloaded a Big Ten Network app so I can catch the Iowa/Iowa State game on my iPhone!  Isn't technology great!?

Go Jaguars, Jayhawks, Chiefs, and Hawks!

Top: More organizing (Is it called nesting after the baby is here?) | My three boys snoozin' | Amazing salad at Gram&Dunn
Middle: Cool dude | The hubs and his college besties | Watching Daddy's softball game
Bottom: Labor Day bloody = yummers! | That does NOT look comfortable | Ready for Iowa's kickoff!

And just for fun, I saw this on Facebook and thought it was funny.  Good thing the game's in Iowa City...otherwise I'm pretty sure we'd lose.  #notveryconfidenthawkfan


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