Weekend in Iowa

This past weekend was Brantley's first trip to Iowa!  Can you believe he's been all the way to South Carolina before making his way to Iowa?

Our plans were to go after work (Craig's obviously, not mine) on Friday, but we decided to surprise my parents and pop in on Thursday night instead!  What a fun surprise it was to show up on my parents' porch and spend an extra day with them!  Gramma sure loved seeing Brantley 24 hours early!

On Friday, we headed to Iowa City to do a little shopping while my parents worked.  On Friday night, Brantley finally got to meet his cousin Kellen! We went to dinner with my parents and sister and then attended a Simon & Garfunkel cover band concert at the Fairfield Civic Center - the boys' first concert!  I'm sure everyone was thinking "Seriously??" when we walked in with two babies under the age of four months, but they both did great!  The hubs loved the concert--definitely his kind of music!  Thanks for the tickets, Dad!

On Saturday, Craig and I drove back to Iowa City for the Iowa game.  This was my first time away from Brantley, but I did great knowing he was spending the day with his Gramma and Grandpa - and they were LOVING every minute of it!  The weather was perfect - even a little hot, but I'm not going to complain after last year!  We tailgated with my aunt and uncle - got demolished in a few games of bags and grilled some yummy barbeque chicken.  The hawks beat the UNI Panthers 27-16, thankfully!  It was a great day and I got my Iowa football fix for yet another year. :)

Meanwhile, Gramma had fun dressing both grandbabies in their Hawkeye overalls and taking lots of pics.  They also went to eat Kids' Day pancakes and watched the Kids' Day Parade (both Fairfield traditions).  

We had such a fun weekend with family.  Can't wait to see you all again!



  1. Love it. The boys are SO cute!! How fun that they are close in age :)

  2. omygosh!! my boyfriends sister had her baby boy exactly 3 months before me!! so we have little boy cousins too :)