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It's no surprise I take lots of photos.  If it is a surprise, clearly you don't know me very well. 

Anyway, the format of this blog makes it very difficult to post every single photo I take.  And I'm too indecisive to pick favorites.  And I want to share them all!  Because Brantley is just too darn cute!  So I decided to start a free Shutterfly website to upload and share photo albums of my sweet baby boy.

But...not only does the website allow for photos, but also videos, growth charts, milestones (my personal fave), and more--basically, all-things-Brantley!  Sort of like an online baby book.

Additionally, if a family member wants to order photos of our little man, you can do so directly and easily through this website from Shutterfly.  Cool, right?

So, follow this link ( and browse to your little heart's desire.  I think you can even sign up to become a member so you can comment on photos and write in the guestbook.  Website password is brantley with a lowercase b. 

There's also a link to access the website to the right! ------> 

(Did you notice that link weeks ago??  Sorry, it's taken me awhile to get the website up and running!)


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