Photo Dump Catch-Up

It's been THREE weeks since my last Friday photo dump.  The trip to Greenville threw everything off.  So, here they are.  Three weeks of Instagrams!  Man I take a lot of pics!

Enjoy and happy Labor Day weekend!

First: New play gym | Rock Chalk! | Family photo | Swimming with my baby
Second: How cute is this outfit from H&M?! | Swimming w/ Daddy | Mmmm cookies | Mommy's little Hawkeye
Third: Baby pool action | Recall schmecall | Din din | Need some lawn the rain??
Fourth: Jayhawk bootie | Hat day for Mommy | Tailgate-ready! | Sweet boy

Top: Sleeping babe in the car | First stop at Steak 'N Shake in Columbia | More sleepy baby
Middle: In my finest, ready for the wedding! | Cake pop favors
Bottom: Our little family | Downtown Greenville | Beer and baby bottles

Top: Free formula samples makes Mommy happy | K-Dog | Poor baby got 2-month shots
Middle: Beer flights at Barleys, oh how I missed thee! | Vitamin D for mommy | Rockin' the baby Bjorn while working on sub plans
Bottom: Birthday treat for the schnauz | LOVE my new bubble necklace!

Top: Baby shower for Alissa | My DIY necklace
Middle: Jose Peppers with the babe | Another DIY necklace | Cute baby shower decor
Bottom: Hooded towels are the cutest! | Who buys Christmas stockings in August?  This girl! | Cute Facebook onesie

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