There are so many Facebook statuses I think about posting and then want to hashtag #LovinMaternityLeave.  But I don't.  Because I don't want to be that girl.  But since this is my blog, I can be whoever I want to be!  So I'm going to tell you many of the reasons I'm loving my time off!  Besides the obvious, of course!

Lots of time for DIY, crafty projects!  I've made a couple different necklaces (and have supplies to make a few more) and yesterday, I made a DIY t-shirt headband.  I love being crafty!

DIY necklace
DIY headband

This is my next project...no this is not me

I only take showers...ehhh...maybe twice per week.  Three times max.  And it's great!  No makeup.  No blow drying my hair.  Love it.

We get to meet Daddy for lunch sometimes.  Something I never get to do when I'm working.  It's just not probable during a 22-minute lunch break, believe it or not.

Yesterday, B and I did a little shopping.  We went to the Apple store, Charming Charlie, and a new store I discovered, Love Culture!  Fun store.  Check it out.  Just like Forever 21.  I even got a couple of pairs of colored, skinny jeans that fit me really well!  I have a pretty curvy body and I'm super picky about how pants fit, but these are both comfortable and somewhat flattering! :)  Anyway, back to shopping.  I've never been to these stores when they are so empty.  It was great being one of very few customers roaming around.  Especially with a stroller in tow.  And it was a gorgeous afternoon, sunny, warm, very fall-ish.  I love fall.

I get to watch Regis & Kelly Kelly & Michael everyday.  I just love this show!  And I love the new co-host, Michael Strahan!  What I don't love is it's new time.  It's on at 10:00 now...at least here in KC...and it's on Fox.  WTH?

I was also able to watch Jessica Simpson on the Katie Couric show the other day.  And then, on GMA the following morning!  I don't care what you say, I have always and will always love that girl!  She's definitely my celeb crush.  In fact, back in her Newlyweds days, I dressed up as her for Halloween.  And another time, I tried to get in the Oprah audience because Jessica was a guest.  No such luck, unfortunately.

And of course, the #1 reason I'm #LovinMaternityLeave is because I get to look at this face all day, every day.  I'm really going to miss it when I go back to school.

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