First of Many

Today was a big day, Brantley.  You got to go to your first college football game!  Jayhawks, of course.  I think some people thought your dad and I were crazy for taking a 2-month {and 2-day} old baby to a football game, but we didn't see anything wrong with it!  The weather was perfect - 70s and sunny - and since you are such a good baby, we knew you'd be just fine.  And you were.  In fact, the people behind us asked if you were always this good!  They kept commenting on how watching you was just as, if not more, entertaining than the game. :)  Don't worry - we used sunscreen, had seats in the shade, and came equip with bottles, formula, and even warmer clothes.  You slept through the first half, but starred at the press box {and smiled} most of the second half.  The Jayhawks lost (as did your mommy's Hawkeyes), but we still had the best time.  You even got your picture taken with three KU cheerleaders - lucky boy!  Someday you will love that picture. :)  Your daddy and I really hope you like sports and that this is the first of many games we will attend as a happy family.

Intrigued by the press box

And smiling at it

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  1. This is so cute!! Brantley looks precious in all of these photos! We can't wait till we get to do the same :0)