Nursery Additions

I change my mind a lot.  Though I loooove Brantley's nursery, I decided to change it up just a bit.  Added two more wall hangings above the changing table, changed the stuff on the floating shelf, and added a hat rack.  Every boy needs a hat rack, right? :)

We finally stamped his footprints, too!  I meant to do that weeks ago, but never got around to it.

On a related note, have you heard of the website Project Nursery?  My friend Jessica told me about it.  Basically, it's a website with hundreds and hundreds of nursery photos!  And not professional designer's photos, but the average person's nursery photos.  Anyone can upload photos of their own nursery!  I mean, I got some great ideas from Pinterest, but how amazing is this website?  I'll definitely be using it when planning for Baby #2!

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