Wow Chiefs

We had tickets for the Chiefs game yesterday.  I'm not gonna lie...I wasn't that excited because I figured it'd be freezing!  Little did I know, December 18 would be a balmy near-50 degrees!  It was still windy and a little chilly for this cold-blooded girl, but could have been so much worse!  Craig's parents were in town celebrating Christmas, so we didn't go real early to tailgate.  And I was too lazy to dig out my camera from my purse, so here are some I stole from Facebook.  Thanks Rachel!

My red was underneath my coat
Our Packers friends
Cheifs fans, Robbie and Tara

The Chiefs played the undefeated Packers....and beat them, despite only scoring one touchdown the entire game!  We had pretty good seats in the lower bowl, but again, I was too lazy to take any photos.  I was hoping to catch Ricki Stanzi, as there was a chance he'd play, but no such luck.  I guess I'll take a Chiefs win over seeing the former Hawkeye.  No more football games for us until next fall!

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