12 Weeks: No More Secrets!

That's right friends--Baby Sides is on the way!  Our official due date: July 9, 2012!  (One day before our anniversary!)  I am so excited, and relieved, and happy, and anxious to FINALLY share the news!  Sorry if your Christmas card arrived late.  Extended family didn't learn of our news until Christmas Eve/Christmas Day and I didn't want to risk any Facebook posts about the topic before family knew!  So, please forgive me!

I am 12 weeks along today!  I have been writing weekly updates, but not posting them.  So, please follow the "Baby Sides" tag to catch up on all my updates, or follow the blog back through October and you should catch them all!

We have been to the doctor twice now.  We had a sonogram at our first appointment (6 1/2 weeks along) and heard the heartbeat at our second appointment (11 weeks along).  We WILL be finding out the sex of our baby sometime in mid-February.  Of course, a healthy baby is our main priority, but I'm really hoping for a girl.  Craig, on the other hand, wants a boy.  We will be thrilled with either!  February can not come soon enough!

I have been feeling...okay...not great, but I suppose it could be worse.  I'm almost to my 2nd trimester, so hopefully the days of "morning sickness" (read: morning, afternoon, and night sickness) are coming to an end.

We are so excited about the arrival of our little one!  And, of course, I am excited to blog about it along the way!  Though I'm not really showing yet, I have started baby bump photos, just for comparison sake!  I'm going to try for a weekly update!

Here is our sonogram picture, as well as my 12th week update!

How Far Along: 12 Weeks

Size of Baby:
A plum  (~2.1 inches long and weighs ~0.49 ounces)

Most of baby's important parts and systems are fully formed!  The growth and maturation phase is beginning which means his/her main job is to keep growing!

What's Happening:
Baby Sides is opening and closing her/her fingers and toes and is developing reflexes.

Nausea seems to be diminishing.  I can brush my teeth and take my large horse pill vitamins again without gagging.  But I do feel the need to pee a lot more now. 

I never used to like my mom's cheesy potato soup, but she made it for Christmas and it was delish!  I think it's something with the cheese.  (Remember all I wanted a few weeks ago was mac & cheese.)

7 weeks to finding out!

Haven't felt anything.

I'm sleeping a little better.  I have to get up at least once every night to pee though.  That has never happened to me!

What I Miss:
Beer and wine.  Everyone was drinking at Christmas. :(

Best Moment This Week:
Finally announcing it to the world!

Looking Forward To...
Sharing the news with my students when we return next week!

Not sure why it's so blurry...this was with no makeup after a day of travel anyway.

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