9 Weeks: Sick, Sick, Sick

It's been a couple weeks since my last update.  I don't have a good excuse other than "I'm pregnant."  Perhaps it's the nausea?  Or maybe because I fall asleep every night at 7:00?

How Far Along: 9 weeks

Size of Baby:
A green olive (~0.9 inches and weighs 0.07 ounces)

Major Milestone:
Baby is no longer an embryo; instead he/she has reached 'fetus' status!

What's Happening:
Baby Sides is developing more distinct facial features and her/his heartbeat should be detectable on doppler!

Morning All-day sickness has hit full force!  I've now thrown up twice and have feelings of nausea constantly throughout the day.  I keep crackers on my nightstand, crackers in my purse, and crackers on my desk at school.  I also bought some Ginger Ale and hard candies this morning, as I've heard recommendations of both from pregnant friends.  Brushing my teeth is a struggle...even just writing about it nearly makes me sick.  Going to the grocery store hasn't been very pleasent either.  Very few foods look/taste good (with the exception of a few...see below).  On the other hand, when I'm not nauseous, I'm always starving!  Despite eating a normal breakfast and lunch, my stomach will start growling mid-morning and again mid-afternoon.  It's hard to believe something so small could need so much food.  As a result, my pants are getting tighter already!  (I'm hoping for a Bella Band for Christmas!)  Getting dressed in the morning is not my fave thing.  I used to go for cute and trendy...now my main goal is comfy.  Another thing I've noticed is that my nails are growing like crazy and my sense of smell seems heightened.  No more weird taste in my mouth though, thank goodness! 

McDonald's Chicken Mcnuggets and Kraft mac & cheese.  There are about the only things that have sounded appetizing to me over the last week!  Healthy, I know...

We WILL be finding out!  February seems so far away, but I'm sure it will be here before we know it!

Supposedly the baby is moving, but is still too small to feel anything.

Nothing abnormal.  I slept all the time before pregnancy and could still do the same now!  I am usually ready for bed by 8pm latest though!

What I Miss:
Of course, I'll always miss the occasional beer.  But mostly, I miss feeling "normal".

Best Moment This Week:
There have been so many wonderful moments since my last post, but I'll save those for a separate blog post.

Looking Forward To...
Sharing the news with our Christmas cards!  They arrived in the mail today!

*I should mention--I was doing my weekly updates on Thursdays, because, according to my calculations, that's when I changed weeks.  However, when we went to our first appointment, the baby measured a few days smaller than that, so according to the sonogram technician, my weeks change on Mondays now.  Official due date is July 9!

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