11 Weeks: Appointment #2

We had our second appointment today and got to hear our baby's heartbeat!  This made it very real for me!  Seeing the heartbeat on the sonogram at our last appointment was great, but the tiny blob was pretty difficult to see.  And of course, it didn't look anything like a baby so it was hard to imagine it being one.  (Remember that Friends episode?  Yeah, that's what I felt like!)  Hearing the heartbeat through the doppler machine was a thousand times better!!  It definitely confirmed that there really IS a baby in there!  The heartbeat was 160 beats per minute which, according to our doctor, is right where it should be!  Of course, I instantly wondered if the sex could be determined based on the heart rate...I remember reading somewhere that girls, on average, have a higher heart rate than boys.  The doc said typically that isn't true until about the third trimester.  Bummer!  Other than hearing the heartbeat, the appointment was pretty uneventful.  I guess that's probably a good thing!  Next appointment is in four weeks on Martin Luther King Jr. Day!  Something tells me it'll be here before we know it!

How Far Along: 11 weeks

Size of Baby:
A lime (~1.6 inches long and weighs ~0.25 ounces)

What's Happening:
Baby Sides no longer has webbed fingers and toes.  She/he also has skin, though it's currently transparent. 

Nauseous off and on still, but I'm trying to go without any meds this week.  It helps that I can sleep in and take multiple naps anytime I feel nauseous.  (Did I mention I love Christmas break?!)  I picked up some Preggie Pops over the weekend, which are hard candies that are supposed to ease morning sickness.  Not sure I believe it, but they are good to suck on at least!  Other symptoms are still the same.

No major cravings this week.

Only two appointments til we find out!!!!  I'm still going with girl...

Haven't felt anything yet.

I take lots of naps and go to bed really early, but have still been waking up around 4 or 5 in the morning and always have a hard time falling back asleep.  It's also hard to get comfortable when I'm used to sleeping on my stomach but my boobs hurt so bad, that's hard to do!

What I Miss:
A cold glass of beer!  And of course, feeling well 24/7. 

Best Moment This Week:
Can't beat hearing the heartbeat!

Looking Forward To...
CHRISTMAS!!!  When the news will finally be public and I can start posting these blog entries!  Oh, I can't wait!

Here's my 11-week picture!

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