Another Day, Another Bathroom Remodel

The hubs finished our third bathroom remodel just a few weeks ago.  This one is the upstairs/guest bathroom.  What started as an ugly orange vanity with an ugly marble-looking countertop turned out to be our favorite vanity in the house!  We didn't want a brand new vanity for a number of reasons.  One: it would probably have to be custom built to fit the space perfectly.  And two: we didn't want to pay a ton of money because we're not sure how long we'll stay in this house.  So, we decided to get a new granite countertop and stain the wood a darker color.  Those two things combined made the bathroom look like an entirely new bathroom!  Craig also ripped up the old flooring, put down new tile, and painted the walls a new color.  I personally loved the brown walls we painted when we moved in, but with a brown vanity and brown tile, we thought it was a bit much.  I don't love the new paint.  It's more yellow than tan.  But it's fine.  Finally, we tore off the cheap mirror from the wall and bought a nicer framed one.

Before I show you pictures, here's what it looked like when we first moved in...

And here's what it looked like after the first round of updates (new paint)...

 Here's what it looks like now!


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