Another Fun DIY

While I was home for Christmas, I taught my mom how to use Pinterest.  She found and pinned this neat wall hanging and I convinced her we should attempt to make it.

Here's how.

Supplies: shoebox lids, spray paint, scrapbook paper, modge podge, ribbon, hot glue, nails, and a curtain rod

First, we spray painted the shoe boxes brown.  Then, we cut six different patterns of scrapbook paper and modge podged them to the outside of the box lids.  That was the easy part.  (Note: Use a very thin layer of modge podge or the paper will crinkle.  We ruined one and had to start over.) 

Next, came the hard part.  Figuring out how to attach the ribbon and at what length so 1) the boxes were all level at the bottom, and 2) they would hang straight and flat against the wall.  It was a nightmare!  Thanks to the suggestion of my brother-in-law, Justin, we finally decided to cut a slit in the top middle of each lid and stick the ribbon through.  My dad helped with that part because I was so frustrated by then.  It was still a process of trial and error to figure out how much ribbon to pull through on each one.  I started with one and then hung it on the rod (which was balanced between two chairs).  Individually, I pulled the ribbon through on each box so the bottom edge would match the bottom edge of the first box and hot glued the ribbon on the back side so it would stay put.

Meanwhile, my mom was complaining the whole time about the project being a huge mistake.  I am not one to give up though and my satisfaction comes from seeing the finished product!

My dad and Craig hung the curtain rod by resting it on two nails.  You can't use the brackets it comes with because it wouldn't be flat against the wall; therefore, the boxes wouldn't be flat either.

We still need to cut some letters (with a Cricut) to spell out FAMILY, but here's what it looked like when I headed home.  Not bad, huh?  The third box is a little crooked, but otherwise, I think it looks great!

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