10 Weeks: Feeling Better Thanks to Meds

How Far Along: 10 weeks (double digits!!)

Size of Baby:
A prune (~1.2 inches long and weighs ~0.14 ounces)

Major Milestone:
Vital organs are fully developed and starting to function.

What's Happening:
Baby Sides has working arm joints and both cartilage and bones are beginning to form!  Fingernails and hair are making their appearance and baby is both swallowing and kicking!

Still sick-feeling off and on, but I filled a prescription for Zofran (a nausea medication) and it's done wonders!  I am able to take one every 8 hours (so 3 per day), but so far, I've gotten by with just one each night before bed.  It helps tremendously in the mornings and I can again get ready for school without feeling like I'm gonna puke each other second.  I'll probably continue to take it through this week, then try to go off of it next week when I have no reason to wake up early (Christmas break-yeah!).  Weird, but before I started taking these pills, I noticed that I felt way better the mornings I could sleep in, than I did the days I got up at 5:45. 

Still hungry a lot!!  And I often wake up early in the mornings and have a tough time falling back to sleep.  I can't get comfortable like I used to and seem to toss and turn a lot.  Maybe it's just God's way of preparing me for the sleepless nights to come.  Luckily, I got to bed so early these days (hello 9:00 bedtime on weekends) so waking up at 6:00 isn't a huge issue yet.

I also think I'm growing a belly.  It definitely doesn't look anything like a baby bump yet.....more like I've put on a few pounds around the waist!  It's not a good look, especially when there are so many people that haven't a clue I'm pregnant.

No major cravings this week.  Just food, in general!

We're to the halfway point of finding out!!!!

Supposedly the baby is kicking around in there!  It'll still be weeks before I feel anything.

See above. 

What I Miss:
Beer...so many good seasonal beers out right now that I wish I could have!!

Best Moment This Week:
Sharing the news with my math department and three other KC friends! 

Looking Forward To...
Our next appointment in 7 days!  And sending out Christmas cards--unfortunately, they won't go out until around the 23rd since extended family won't know til Christmas Eve/Christmas day.  The only exception is when I personally hand out the cards so I can be sure to say "NO FACEBOOK POSTS ABOUT THIS!!"

And...for your viewing pleasure...I thought 10 weeks was a good time to start baby bump photos!  So here ya go!  Let's watch it grow! :)

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