Christmas 2011

This year, Christmas was spent in Iowa with my family.  We had a great time and got some great gifts!  My favorite part, of course, was sharing our baby news with everyone!

Christmas Eve before church

Look at all those presents!

Our baby bumps :)

Kinnick got a new coat!

And a Hawkeye jersey

Baby Sides even got a gift!

Hawkeye bib overalls for the future babies!

Still wrapped it for my mom

Justin & Craig showing off their new apparel

He looks excited

Hawkeye stuff is hard to come by here in KC, so that's what you get when you don't make a list!

I got a fun apron!

Trisha modeling her new bracelets

My mom's EVOO bottle

Another apron!  I'll be cooking up a storm!

Yay Iowa apparel!

The boys showing off their new shirts!
Side note: My favorite gift is my new Keurig!  Didn't take a picture of that, I guess...  What are your favorite K-cups?

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