You Mean, I Get Paid to Exercise?

My insurance company (BCBS of KC) has this great, new wellness program that I am completely in love with!  It's called Points to Blue.  Here's how it works: I am rewarded points for making healthy lifestyle decisions.  Points turn into dollars, and dollars turn into giftcards!

I already cashed in for a $30 Target giftcard!  (I said on Tuesday I could have spent WAY more money at Target, remember??  I'm already thinking about how I'm going to spend swimsuit or some cute, new sandals???)

Like I said, points come from making "heathy lifestyle decisions".  Those include working out, going for regular checkups (dentist, ob/gyn, eye doctor, physical), getting a flu shot, participating in wellness programs offered through my employer, even visiting the spa!  Not only that, but they count "exercise" as painting, snow shoveling, push mowing the lawn, housework, etc.!  You better believe I went back and logged all those days when I shoveled!  Honey, maybe I'll even give mowing a try!  Welllllll.......maybe not.  But I'm definitely more motivated to take K-Dog for walks and start going to Zumba again!

(If you know me at all, you probably know that I HATE working out.)

I also get points for watching wellness webinars.  If you're really curious, go here and you can check them out!  Nothing too exciting.  I definitley wouldn't watch if it didn't mean more moolah.

As for the giftcards, you can get them from almost every place imaginable!  Clothing stores, restaurants, hotels, Amazon, movie theaters, practically anywhere you want!  You can request a gift card every 25,000 points ($25) or save them up for a huge giftcard.  I think the max per year is $250.  Still, 250 free dollars is a major plus.

Thank you BCBS for motivating me to finally be (somewhat) healthy!

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