It's Gonna Be a Great Summer

We probably all know that last summer was my best summer ever.  I mean afterall, I got married, went on a tropical honeymoon, had the most awesome bachelorette party, and more.  I'm not sure I can top that.  But...I have a feeling this summer will come mighty close.

As the school days continue to tick by, here's what I'm looking forward to:

Royals Games/Tailgates
We've already planned a big tailgate for the weekend of June 25 vs. the Cubs!  I'm hoping for nice weather!
Crawl for Cancer (May 14)
Technically, this is before "summer" is officially here, but I'm still excited!  Again, hoping for warm weather and not clouds/rain like last year.
Boating with Friends
We were so busy last summer, we only went boating with Josh and Rachel once!  Hoping to increase that number this year.  And I bet Brayden will look so stinkin' cute in his little swim get-up!
Float Trip with Friends
Not sure where, but supposedly there's one in the works!
Ray LaMontagne Concert at Starlight
This will be my fist trip to Starlight.  You can't go wrong with a concert under the stars on a warm, summer night. 
Duh.  Does this need any explanation??
We currently have three scheduled!  And yes, one is near the beach!  (Hence, the trip to Hawaii!)  I love weddings!
Taylor Swift Concert at Arrowhead
This isn't until September, but I'm excited anyway!  Since it's at Arrowhead, I'm sure there will be some pre-concert tailgating.
Possible Trip to South Carolina??
This is the newest of our adventures.  We might make a trip there to visit my cousin Brad and his gf, Lindsay!

30th Birthday Parties
I have two friends turning 30 in July.  Unfortunately, I'll be in Hawaii for the first.  But Erica--I have your birthday weekend reserved so you better plan something fun!  If not, I'll do it for you! =)

And of course, all the little things like going to our neighborhood pool, backyard barbeques, and sitting around a fire.  I.  Can't.  Wait.

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