Cousin's Bridal Shower / Weekend Trip to Iowa

This past weekend, Craig and I went to Iowa for my cousin Beth's bridal shower.  Though it was a cold weekend, it was fun seeing and hanging out with family.  It was also fun being on the other side (non-bride side) of a bridal shower, as three out of the last four I've been to have been my own!

The shower went well.  I was thrilled to get to use my punch bowl yet again!  I knew there was a reason I registered for thing that last year!  My advice to future-brides - register for anything and everything.  Now is the ONE time in your life when you can do that, and people like variety when choosing gifts anyway.

I offered to make chocolate-dipped strawberries for the shower.  I've always wanted a reason to make  "fancy" strawberries and this was the perfect opportunity.  They turned out pretty well, if I say so myself.  I should give credit to my dad and hubs who also helped! =)

Other highlights of the weekend include watching my grandparents play Pictionary on the Wii (pantsuit anyone??), eating at George's, visiting the new Hy-Vee (yes this is a highlight in the big town of Fairf), and watching my dad move the Prom parade barricades.  Only my dad...  And seeing everyone, of course.  I didn't take too many photos (shocking, I know), but here's what I have!

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