It's Official

I enrolled in my first four grad school classes this morning!

Summer Session 1 (May 18 - June 22):
1) Today's Learner
2) Understanding Celebrity (My kind of class!!  I seriously tried to enroll in an education class that would be more useful, but it was full. =(  I need three liberal art electives anyway, so hello class about celebs!)

Summer Session 2 (July 13 - August 17):
1) Assessment Strategies
2) Grad Level Writing (Yuck - I'm really dreading this one.  I HATE writing!)

May 18 is the big day!  I'm so nervous!!!!!  I'm taking 2 classes each session, but only one is on-campus.  The celeb and writing classes are both online.  Each class is 6 weeks long, and my on-campus classes are from 6pm-10pm every Wednesday night.  That's seriously past my bedtime!  That last hour of class each Wednesday may be a bit of a struggle!  I got lucky that none of the classes interfer with our trip to Hawaii!

Now I have to go buy books.  Ugh--depressing.  I'd rather spend the money on fun things like clothes, jewely, and shoes.  And I still have to figure out all this financial aid stuff.  Did I mention I'm very thankful for my mom, who always took care of it during my undergrad??

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