Another Amazing Weekend!

I'm not sure what's going on here, but we've had two amazing weekends (weather-wise) in a row!  That's almost un-heard of for this time of year!  It's usually cold or rainy, or both.  Not this past weekend though--highs in the upper 80s, blue skies, and sun!  I'm definitely not complaining!  We had a wonderful weekend, full of summery activities, and my body is thanking me for all the extra Vitamin D!  Rather than explain our entire weekend, detail for detail, I'm going to list some highlights instead!

  • Dinner with Josh, Rachel, and Baby Brayden on Friday night.  We picked a place we'd never been, Wil & Jenny's.  Brayden did very well for his first dinner out!
  • Sitting around our fire pit later in the evening on Friday, listening to music, and having a few (more) beers.  We were really enjoying ourselves until raindrops sent us inside.
  • First trip to the Overland Park Farmer's Market this year!  We picked up some plants (hosta and a lilac bush), herbs (mint and cilantro) and a few odds and ends (sweet potatoes, lettuce, and a tomato).
  • Purchased a new lawn mower!  Well, more of a highlight for Craig than me.  
  • Used our new pineapple corer to slice a pineapple.  I think we need more practice, but so far, it seems like a decent purchase!  (Especially since it was on clearance!)  Maybe a how-to for a future blog post?? =)
  • Went for a picnic at Heritage Park on this cute little island called Blackbob Island.  I've been dying to go for a picnic so we could use the super cute picnic basket we received as a wedding gift!  (Thank you to Miss Casey Kuhn for that!)
  • Soaked up some sun.  Just a tad bit red again, but nothing that won't turn into a tan in a few days! (I've already got a nice base color going!!  Keep up the good work, Mr. Sun!)
  • Purchased a new grill on Sunday!  (We actually shopped for one on Saturday, but didn't find what we were looking for--a duel gas/charcoal grill.)  Low and behold, I was at Wal-Mart on Sunday and found one!  Craig met me there and we bought it!  
  • Making gifts for the dance girls with my co-coach Jamie.  They are SUPER cute!  (Again, I'll save that for a future blog post.)
  • Cleaning out the garage.  Again, a highlight for Craig, not necessarily me.
  • Grilling our first meal on the new grill!  Bacon-wrapped filets paired with the Farmer's Market lettuce salad and Farmer's Market sweet potatoes.  Chocolate-dipped strawberries for dessert. =)
  • First homemade mojitos of the season.  You can find my recipe here. =)
  • Planting my Farmer's Market goods - mint, cilantro, and the tomato plant.  I also bought a topsy turvy and a second tomato plant from Wal-Mart.  I'm determined to successfully grow tomatoes this year!  (Last year's attempt was a bust...)

A gorgeous morning at the Farmer's Market

The FM "goods"

After we cored and cut the pineapple, I thought I'd be funny and make my very own pineapple drink!

Check it out!  Pretty sweet!

Our picnic spot

I told you our basket was cool!  You're jealous, right?

Equipped with stuff for mimosas!

Cheers to a beautiful afternoon!

Trying to be a photographer

Playing with my camera settings

Trying to be a photographer again

Kinnick was a good subject

Farmer's Market goods again

Nicely mowed lawn, thanks to the hubs

His new lawnmower

This is where we sat on Friday night

The new grill!!  Finally!!!

'His' and 'her' sides of the grill...'his' being the charcoal, mine being the gas (I'm impatient when it comes to food)

Not sure what I'll use this for, but it was my grill "must have"!

Tomato plant #1

Mint for mojitos

Cilantro for I'm not sure what...might have to make some salsa this summer!

Tomato plant #2 in the topsy turvy!

Me trying to be photographer-like again =)

Yummy yum yum yum

Sunday night dinner on the patio

Using the new grill

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