Wannabe Photographer

It's no surprise that I love taking pictures.  My college friends always made fun of me for the amount of pictures I took.  (Ahem...Casey, that's you.)  Though I've never taken any formal photography classes, it's something I've been interested in doing for awhile now.  A couple weeks ago, I purchased a Groupon for 51% off a 2-hour photography class.  The photography class is being offered by a local photographer, Kevin Keith, who owns his own photography business.  Go here to check out his webpage and work: http://www.kevinkeithphotography.com/index2.php

The class is next Monday afternoon from 2 to 4pm.  I'm taking a partial "sick day" next Monday to attend.  I'm super excited!  I'm hoping to learn how to use some of the features of my camera, besides auto, and learn how to take semi-professional looking photos! 

Stay tuned for the results!

P.S. I'm still working on the blog post from our weekend...I'm at school adn don't have the pictures I want to upload. I'll finish it later tonight!

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