Such a Fun Weekend (And I Have the Sunburn to Prove It)

Wow - what a busy, but fun, weekend! We could not have asked for more gorgeous weather! Yesterday was 75 and sunny, while today was near 90 degrees!!

We got an early start to the day on Saturday.  Craig ran the Rock the Parkway half-marathon.  He actually wasn't registered, so he ran illegally. =)  With little training, he finished in just under 2 hours.  He was very happy with that!  Since he wasn't registered, he has no proof though, and silly me, missed him crossing the finish line.  Believe me, I had my camera ready and was waiting patiently to cheer him on for about 20 minutes.  Next thing I knew he snuck up behind me and had already finished!  Weird.  I have NO idea how I missed him!  Sorry honey!  I'm really proud of you anyway!  My friends Erica and Allison also ran.  It was Erica's first race (10K), and surprise, surprise, I missed her crossing the finish line, too!

My friend Anna (from college) was in KC this weekend because her husband ran the half-marathon, too!  He finished 3rd overall...way to go Nate!  It was so great to catch up with Anna while the boys were running and I finally got to meet her 9 month old boy, Briggs.  What a happy baby he is!  We met Nate and Anna for lunch at Ingredient on Sunday before they headed home to Iowa.  So much fun catching up with an old friend!
Before the race

The starting line

College friend Anna and I

The runners--Craig, Erica, Allison, and Allison's running group friend Dave

After a Saturday afternoon nap, I headed to school for our annual dance team Spring Show.  We always end the year with a recital showcasing our routines throughout the year.  I didn't get any pictures at the show, but did take a picutre of the beautiful flowers from the girls.  It was a bittersweet end to my coaching career (for now anyway).  I decided to give up my position with the dance team to focus solely on my Masters classes.  I told the girls on Friday, and was okay with all of it until the end of the show on Saturday night...that's when a few tears were shed.  I will definitely miss these girls and have gotten pretty attached over the past three years.  I've really enjoyed the time spent with them, as with the head coach, Jamie.  You will always hold a special place in my heart, Silver Stars dance team! =)
On Sunday, after lunch with Nate and Anna, we headed out for a day at the K, but not before a family photo op first!
Check out those white legs!  They don't stay that way......
Family photo - even Kinnick has on his Royals collar!

The game was a blast!  We had "dry duct" outfield fountain seats.  The wind was pretty crazy and we got sprayed with foutain water quite a bit, but in the 90 degree heat, it felt great!  It was quite the game, too!  There were over 30 hits, and 7ish homeruns.  (The wind may have had something to do with that.)  Final score was 12-9 Royals, after 13 innings!  Too bad we left after the 11th and missed the walk-off homerun to win in.  Oh well.....too much sun for one day!

Katie and Erica went with!  Here we are with the Statue of Royalty!

Erica and a creepy dude.  Even that little girl is weirded out!

Craig, Katie, and Erica....Katie is an Angels fan.  She got lots of "boooos"

Mmmmm ballpark food and drinks!

 Such a perfect weekend!!  And here's my sunburn to prove it.....


  1. your sunburn is awesome, but the huge beer on the table is even more awesome!

  2. Haha I didn't even notice that! As if we didn't have enough beer at the game!