Photogrpahy Follow-Up

Monday was my photography class.  Imagine this.  I walk in to the photographer's "studio" which turns out to be in an apartment complex.  Weird.  Good thing his wife was there or I would have felt slightly uncomfortable. 

The other "students" were all 40+ year old, stay-at-home-moms.  Nothing wrong with that, but I was hoping for someone a little closer to my age.  I guess that's what I get for going to the 2:00 in the afternoon session when most people are still at work.

Then {this is the best part} they all pull out their cameras.  Their high-tech, mega-expensive, DSLR (that's digital single-lens reflex for those of you unaware) cameras.  You know, the ones with the big lenses that "real" photographers use.  Out comes my little DSLR-wannabe.  Embarrassment.  I played it off, saying that a DSLR was my next step.  What I didn't say was that this camera was only two months old.

Whatever, the photographer didn't make me feel that stupid.  He said I may be limited on a few things, but would have most of the same options as the other ladies.

On the plus side, the class was very informative.  I learned words I've never even heard before (aperture, for instance, which controls the amount of light allowed in, which in turn controls the depth of field...I think).  I learned what some of the settings (AV, TV) on my camera actually mean. 

As a teacher, I know that just learning this stuff won't make me a better photography.  I need to practice.  And of course, when it came time to practice, my camera batteries died.  And I didn't have replacements.  Stupid me...  More embarrassment.

I will say that there is so much involved in photography.  It's sort of overwhelming.  I give a lot of credit to those photographers who take such great photos.  I'm just not sure it's in me.  I'd love to take a more hands-on class in the future.  And of course, get me one of those nice cameras.  Maybe someday.  Until then, I'll continue to pretend and use my lovely, little camera.

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