Zoo First-Timers

Despite having an almost-two-year-old, we had never been to the Kansas City Zoo!  Saturday was Teacher Appreciation Day, which gave us the perfect excuse to go.  Now, let me just say this - Kansas City offers so many fun activities for things to do with kiddos.  The zoo...not one of my faves. :)  People had warned us to be very underwhelmed, so we didn't expect much.  Case in point, I think we had been there for nearly an hour and had only seen about two animals!  (To be fair, we walked to the back side of the zoo--as recommended by our neighbors--before looking at any exhibits.)  Seriously though, it's nice to have a zoo in the area.  But maybe only a once-per-year activity for the Sides fam.

Before going in, we had a little picnic in our car.  We're cheap and didn't want to have to buy expensive zoo food.  This is Brantley's "cheese" face.

The zoo was packed.  Since we'd never been there, I'm not sure if this is typical, or if we were all teachers taking advantage of the free admission?  It was hard to maneuver the stroller and we were often forced to walk in a single file line so it was hard to chat with the hubs.

Brantley couldn't have cared less about many of the animals.  (I've never been big on zoos either, kid!)  Not even the chimpanzees, which were probably the most impressive, in my opinion. 

I made him pose by the penguin before we left.  This may have been the most intrigued he was by anything that day.

Thanks for a semi-fun, spring-time activity, zoo!  We decided it was worth the price of admission (free), but not a whole lot more! :)

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  1. I've always thought that about that zoo. They have sooooo much land, so it's like you're walking tons in between each exhibit. They need to fill more space with other animals! Drew does love that polar bear right at the front there when you walk in!