Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero. -Marc Brown

Because Holden was born at 6:49pm, and Brantley was with our friends for the night, he didn't meet his little brother until the next day when my parents brought him to the hospital.  His first words upon entering the hospital room and seeing Baby Holden were "Ooooooh noooooo."  Funniest thing ever!  And he kept repeating that phrase, over and over and over.  However, he was quite curious and intrigued by this baby we'd been speaking of for nearly nine months!  He even tried to play catch with him.  Good thing the ball Grandma packed was a soft one! ;)

Since meeting his baby brother in the hospital, Brantley has been nothing but sweet to Holden.  He's not always the most gentle, but always has the best of intentions.  He gives lots of unprompted hugs and kisses, is quick to take him the pacifier when Holden begins to cry, rocks him in his car seat, pets his full head of hair, and checks on him often when left alone in his rock & play sleeper.  It's more than I could have ever asked for and it seriously melts my heart to see Brantley acting so sweetly towards his little brother.

I know there will be times when they hate each other.  And days upon days of fighting in our future.  But I also hope they grow up to be the best of friends.  Because after all, a sibling is perhaps the best gift a parent can give their child.

Here are a few of my favorite brother pictures so far.  Please excuse the quality--I get lazy and take the majority of our pictures on my iPhone these days...

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