A Family of Boys

We went to Iowa a couple of weekends ago for my cousin Beth's baby shower.  She is due with a baby boy in July.  On that side of the family, I only have three cousins.  Between the kiddos of those three cousins, my sister, and myself, there are six great-grandchildren (and Beth's will make seven).  And of those seven, six are BOYS!  How in the world is that even possible?  Poor Abby is the first great-grandchild...and the only girl.  I can only imagine how crazy holidays will be in a few years...

Here are my grandparents with their six great-grandkids.  From left to right: Jackson (17 months), Brantley (22 months), Holden (1 month), Abby (5), Dayton (1 month), and Kellen (2).

Thanks for the picture, Karen!


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