My Favorite Things: Baby Edition #4

It's been awhile, but I have more baby faves to share!

Otterbox Defender Series Case for iPad - I'm pretty sure an Otterbox is the only sure way to guarantee your iPad stay safe when handled by a baby/toddler.  It protects from drops, scratches, or in our case, excessive drool.  We also have a soft case (couldn't find the exact one) that secures the iPad and wraps around the headrest in our car, so that Brantley can watch cartoons during road trips.

Sippy Cup Leash - Pretty fantastic invention.  One end snaps around a carseat, stroller, highchair, whatever.  The other wraps around a sippy cup.  Therefore, when the kid decides to throw it on the ground, it doesn't go far!  (Note: This isn't the exact one we have.  I ordered ours from a daily deal website.)

Munchkin Shampoo Rinser - Definitely not a necessity.  A simple plastic cup would suffice.  But this is soft silicone and has a handle with makes it gentle and easy to use!  This is also Brantley's favorite "bath toy".

Brica Fold 'N Go Travel Booster Seat - I bought this last year after scouring the Internet and reading numerous reviews on travel high chairs/booster seats.  It folds up flat making it easy to stuff in a suitcase or a small space.  It's also lightweight, yet sturdy, and fits on pretty much any chair.  It was the perfect thing to take with us to Florida for use in our condo and also makes for the perfect way for Brantley to eat on our deck furniture.

Nuk Gerber Graduates Hard Spout Sippy Cups - We've tried many different sippies and these are, by far, our favorite!  They don't spill.  They don't leak.  Period.  Now, they're not what we used when we first transitioned Brantley from bottle to sippy.  We used cups with more of a soft, nipple-like spout.  (They leaked.)  Once he got the hang of the sippy, we switched to these and haven't looked back.

Plum Dispensing Boon Spoons - Perhaps my favorite baby accessory ever!  I was so excited when I spotted these in Target one day!  They screw on to the pouches of baby food (generic, too!) and make one-handed, feeding-on-the-go super simple.  They also come in a handy plastic container so the spoons don't get lost in a diaper bag.  Love, love, love these!  (Once Brantley was older, he would eat directly from the pouch, but early on, eating from a spoon was definitely the better option.) 

iPlay Unisex Shoes - We have Toms.  We have Converse.  We have Crocs.  We have Stride Rites.  These $15 rubber shoes from Buy Buy Baby are definitely our fave!  They are easily cleanable, quick to put on, and can we worn with or without socks.  They're awesome.  They come in a plethora of colors, too!  (I've seen similar style shoes at both Old Navy and Gap.)

SwimWays Canopy Spring Baby Float - This was awesome for the pool last summer.  I could put Brantley in and let him float/walk around in the baby pool, while the snap-off canopy helped block the sun.  It's easy to inflate and easy to manage in a handy carrying case.

Coppertone Water Babies Spray Sunscreen - We love playing outside.  But applying sunscreen on a kid just plain sucks!  This spray-on lotion definitely makes the job easier.  It's still lotion and still needs rubbed into the skin, but beats old fashioned sunscreen any day, in my opinion.

Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack Diaper Bag - This was not the diaper bag I use for Brantley.  But once Holden came along, it was hard to manage a purse, a messenger-type diaper bag, an infant carrier, and a toddler.  So I found this gem on Craigslist.  Good thing because it retails for $180!  The part that attracted me was the backpack straps.  I can wear it easily so it's not constantly falling off my shoulder (like my old one) and still have two free hands.  It's roomy inside (big enough for two kids) and made of fabric that is easily cleanable.  Thank goodness I found this thing and don't have to carry my old one!  (Nothing against my old JJ Cole Diaper Bag...I just hated carrying it over my shoulder.)

Breathable Baby Mesh Crib Liner - We didn't use this until Brantley was a year old (?) and kept getting his leg stuck between his crib slats.  I once thought I was going to have to call Craig at work and make him come home to help me release his leg!  This mesh liner weaves in and out of the crib to prevent body parts from going through and is a safe alternative to crib bumpers.  Ours is about 12 inches in height, but it appears that now a full coverage liner is made to reach up the entire slat.  It's also available in more color options now, as well.

I think that takes care of all of my favorite baby items to date!  Check out my other faves here, here, and here.  Or just visit my Favorites tab at the top of this blog!


  1. I'm a HUGE otterbox fan. Drew has spilled stuff and dropped that thing so many times and it's protects our ipad so well! I'll have to keep those boon spoons in mind for baby girl!

  2. I have a petunia pickle bottom bag just like that one and I love mine too!!