Holden's Newborn Photos

Holden's newborn photos were taken when he was just five days old.  I had lofty expectations of some super cute sibling photos, as well as some pics of our new family of four.  Well, Brantley refused to cooperate, which resulted in an overly frustrated mommy, only a couple of sibling photos, and absolutely no family shots.  Did I mention our house was sweltering, as the photographer asked us to turn our heat to 80 degrees to help Holden stay sleeping peacefully?  I was so glad when she finally left after about four loooong hours of photographing!

Low and behold, she offered to come back a few days later for a second attempt at a family photo.  She got a couple, though no Pinterest-worthy poses and I still look about five months pregnant.  Which means, none will be going on our wall.  I'll keep my fingers crossed for better results at six months.

However, I do love the photos of Holden, which is really what this was about.  Here they are, courtesy of Sarah Ireland Photography!

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