"Spring" Cleaning + Christmas Decor??

Do you ever have one of those weekends that just feels productive?  That was ours this weekend, despite having little "to do" on our calendar. 

Weather wise, it was near 70 and sunny.  We cleaned big time.  With our windows open and breeze blowing through.  Felt like we were spring cleaning on a warm, sunny day.  We also installed a baby gate, Internet shopped for cribs, talked Brantley's big boy room, and bought some storage ottomans for our living room toys.  (Probably my fave part of the weekend.)

What else did we decide to do?  Put up our Christmas decor, of course!  Nothing says Christmas like a warm spring-like day, huh?

Here's the deal.  We both love Christmas.  Luckily, I married someone who's as Christmas-obsessed as myself.  Most people think it's ridiculous to put up a Christmas tree in mid-November.  But we are not "most people".  We love the coziness it brings to our home and love the sparkle of our tree.  We aren't around to enjoy it at Thanksgiving...ditto with Christmas, so why not put it up early to maximize our holiday enjoyment?

(We're also the kind of people that take it down on December 26, or very soon after.  Just one more reason it put it up early!)

We let Brantley "help" and snapped a few pictures in the process, but did most of it after he went to bed.  We knew we wanted the tree to be a "no touch" item so we didn't want to send mixed signals by asking him to touch it while decorating.

The rest of our decor is up, as well, as are lights outside.  It was a productive weekend, I tell ya!  Pictures to come!

Here's a couple more pictures from our weekend.

Not sure how much we'll do with this this year, but we officially have an Elf!

The toy storage {insert angel voices}

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