One More {Fall Themed} Catch-Up Post!

It's mid-November, dark at 5:00, cold, and we're only days away from putting up our Christmas tree.  But before I completely switch gears from Halloween to Christmas-mode, I better finish posting about our of our fun fall activities! 

Perhaps our favorite fall activity - the Lenexa Chili Challenge.  What can I say, it involves {free} food!  This was our third year attending and again, it did not disappoint!  The weather was great.  A tad chilly (pun intended), but crisp and sunny - perfect for scarfing down some chili!  My parents were in town for the weekend, so they got to join in on the chili-tasting fun.  We met up with some neighbors, enjoying the live music, and stuffed ourselves full...which is hard to believe when sampling from 2 ounce cups!

We also attended a wedding this fall. Well, technically not the wedding (it was for immediate family only), but the reception...which is what weddings are all about anyway, right??   The wedding was for the bride whose bachelorette party was in Cali in June and whose shower I co-hosted in September.    The venue was Cellar 222 - an urban, intimate setting.  Super cute and super perfect for this couple.  It was a fun evening, even though I couldn't thoroughly enjoy the night (and open bar) like the rest of the crowd. :)

Congrats to the newlyweds - Mr. and Mrs. Betts!

And that, my friends, completes my fall-themed catch-up posts!  Now it's officially time to celebrate the holidays! :)

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