Crib Comparisons

With your first pregnancy, everything has to be perfect.  The perfect nursery that includes the perfect, often-expensive, furniture.  With Brantley, we visited multiple baby stores multiple times in search of the perfect crib.  We compared, price-shopped, debated, and debated some more...before finally deciding on one from Buy Buy Baby.

This time?  We looked online ( nonetheless), agreed on one of the least expensive models, read a few reviews, and boom, bought it!

Our plan is to use the same {black} baby furniture for Baby #2.  Brantley's the one getting the new room, and hence the new crib.  So, why a crib instead of a bed?  I'm still holding out for Baby #3 to be a girl.  If and when that ever happens, I envision white nursery furniture.  We already have a white dresser and nightstand in our guest bedroom that Brantley's new room will acquire (and, of course, that I could use in a future baby girl's room, if needed).  So our options were to buy either a white bed frame or a white crib.  Most cribs nowadays are convertable...meaning they can convert to a toddler bed, day bed, and adult full-size bed.  So that's what we bought!  In the instance that we'll need a white crib someday, we'll have it.  And if not, well...we'll just use it as a full-size bed until Brantley goes to college. :)

We went with the Dream on Me Ashton 4-in-1 Convertible Crib.  $149 from Walmart, with free shipping.  Can't beat that.  We like this model because it includes a toddler rail (a half rail) to prevent toddlers from rolling out.  That's how we envision using it for Brantley.

Toddler bed

Day bed

Adult full-size bed

As for Brantley's new room, we'll probably start transforming our guest bedroom once the holidays are over.  For now, I'll have fun dreaming of paint colors and scouring Pinterest for some cute ideas!  Here are a few inspiration photos so far...


  1. Ha! That is the exact same crib I've had pinned (on a secret board) for months... but in black. I actually first saw it on Amazon, but while reading the reviews, some people said to look at Wal-Mart and compare prices. I like that it had a little bit of curve/angles to it, but it's not too scroll-y or frilly. You'll have to let me know how you like it! I'm guessing we won't buy the crib until January or so.

    1. How funny! We probably won't put it up until January, but will let you know what it's like when we do! It really seems like the best of all worlds - baby crib, toddler bed, and adult bed. And I love your description of it...such a math teacher!

  2. Ummmm - I'm admitting that we bought a $149 crib for our first child :) And so far, it has served us very well! So be excited! It's quite the deal!!!