Baby #2 is a...


What a crazy surprise!  We had a routine appointment this afternoon and Craig decided to jokingly ask our doctor for a sonogram.  She agreed* and a few short minutes later, we were looking at our SON!  Totally unexpected and completely shocking for both of us!  Almost hard to digest only because we weren't anticipating the moment and it all happened so quickly. 

Sure, we already have a boy, but this news is still pretty life-changing.  Now I can actually visualize my life with two kids.  Two BOYS.  Trucks, balls, and sports galore.  We can start thinking about names and about how we want to change the nursery/decorate a new room for Brantley.  Whew!  Let the real fun begin!

As for our gender reveal dinner, we'll just have to save that idea for Baby #3. :)  Of course, it would have been fun, but neither of us could pass up the opportunity for an early sneak peak at our baby's parts!

*Our doctor is amazing.  She still feels sorry for us for all we went through with Brantley and said we deserved a little "special treatment".


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  1. YEAH!!! So freaking exciting! I love the thought of 2 little boys :) Congrats to you and your growing family!!!!!