That was simple.

About a month ago, I upgraded to an iPhone 5.  And switched providers (AT&T to Verizon), but that's another story.  Mine old iPhone 4 was perfect for browsing the Internet and texting, but very hit and miss when it came to making phone calls.  I didn't use that function nearly as much as the other two, but it's still nice to have a phone to actually talk on.

Anyway, we shelled out the $200 for the 5.  I'm loving it for a few reasons: Siri, GPS that talks, and longer screens (more apps per page).

But what's even better than my new iPhone 5?  Getting paid for my old one!  And getting paid a large chunk of change that almost makes up for the new phone!  Almost. 

How did I do such a thing? 

Craigslist?  Nope. 
Ebay?  Nope. 
The Apple store?  Nope.

It's called Gazelle.  I'm sure it's old news, but incase you've never heard of it, it's awesome.  Quick.  Easy.  {Really easy.}  And convenient.

You go onto their website, choose the type of electronic you want to sell, answer a few simple questions, and that's it!  They will quote you a price (and give you 5% more if you accept your payment via Amazon giftcard), send you a box/label, and even pay for the shipping.  Literally all you have to do is wait for the box to arrive in your mailbox, clear your memory/remove your SIM card, pack the electronic in the said box, and drop it in a blue USPS mailbox.  Once Gazelle receives your phone and inspects it, they credit you the moolah!  I even read in an online review that they often credit more than the offer they made.  Ummm...yes please!

I just shipped off my old phone today, so I'm still waiting for my credit, but so far, I'd totally recommend going this route if you have an old phone to sell!  Easy peasy.

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