Brantley's 1-Year Photo Session & Some Family Photos

I'm in the midst of the obligatory birthday party post.  There are tons of photos.  Like my camera alone had over 100!  (Thank goodness for digital cameras!)  So my point is, it may be another day or two before it's posted.

How about some super cute photos while you wait?

These were taken exactly one week before Brantley's first birthday by Kendra of KJane Designs.  They were taken at Kauffman Memorial Gardens near the Plaza.  We may or may not have gotten scolded by the Garden employee for the whole smash cake thing all over the ground.  Oops.


I'm in love with the photos and can not stop looking at them!  She captured Brantley's little personality perfectly!  And I have no idea where she got the smiles (must be the editing!) because I'm pretty certain Brantley didn't crack one single smile the entire session!

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