Birthday Week/Month is Here!

It was another busy weekend preparing our house for visitors!  More work on the house, more yard work, and cleaning of the blinds.  Pretty sure cleaning blinds is the worst job ever.  Perhaps it's because we've never done it.  Ever.  But after cleaning them this weekend, I'm totally okay only cleaning them once every four years...

Anyway, it's July 1!  Which means it's birthday month and birthday week for the little dude!  I'm so excited for family to come to town, for the 4th, and for the fun birthday weekend ahead!  I don't really have much else to write, so I'll leave you with some pics.

Playing with the balloons from his 1st birthday photo session.

His new thing - crawling onto the fireplace hearth, then onto the ottoman.

And a few from our friend's front porch.  Their house is on the market (sad face), but they're out of town, so I showed it for them a few times this weekend.  They have a fun front porch swing so that's where we hung out while waiting.

Happy July, everyone!


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