A Week at the Lake

We're back from a week at the lake!  (Well technically, we were back on Saturday, but had a busy weekend!)

My family's been going to the same resort at Lake of the Ozarks every summer since 1997, but crazy enough, Craig and I hadn't been since 2009...long before this blog was even created!  Weddings (ours, my bff Sarah's) and a baby seemed to get in the way!  Despite not going for four years, everything was exactly as I remembered and I could have sworn I was there just one short year ago.

I have so many memories at our resort - Lone Oak Point.  After all, I've been going since before I was in high school!  We've always gone with my dad's brother's family and their three boys.  The youngest, Jesse, who wasn't even born when we first started going is now the age my sister was (12) during our very first trip to the lake.  I can also remember when the middle boy, Nathan, was a year old - the age of both Brantley and Kellen now!  Pure craziness!

My sister and our cousins in 2006.  Then ages 9 (Nathan), 12 (Andrew), and 5 (Jesse).  Now ages 16, 19, and 12!

Anyway, Lone Oak Point is on mile maker 11 on the water, right by Ozark Barbeque.  The address is Sunrise Beach, but closest town is Laurie.  Osage Beach (the big lake city) is about 20 minutes away, across the community toll bridge.  There are over 90 miles of lake, if I remember correctly!  It's pretty crazy, really! 

Our resort is very secluded and family-oriented.  There's an outdoor pool, indoor pool, baby pool, a couple of hot tubs, three swim docks, a boat/fishing dock, some hammocks, a game room, and a park.  You can walk from one end of the resort to the opposite in under 10 minutes.    

Our condo is a 3-bedroom/2-bathroom unit on the water.  We've been in this particular condo for a few years, but have stayed in multiple units at this same resort.

Our days spent at the lake are pretty relaxed and low-key.  They usually look something like this: dad fishes at the butt crack of dawn, the rest of us wake up at a normal time, breakfast, guys play tennis, pool time, lunch, more pool time and/or lake time, shower, grill, eat dinner, play cards/games, bedtime.  Repeat.  For seven days.  Sometimes we rent a boat, sometimes a jet ski, sometimes we go to town to play mini golf and ride go-karts, sometimes we go shopping at the outlet mall, and we always go out for dinner on Friday night.

This trip was a tad different with a baby along (more pool, less lake for instance), but I was excited to introduce Brantley to the place where I have such fond memories.

You'd never guess from the pictures, but Brantley didn't love the pool.  Strange, because he's been quite the water baby this summer at our neighborhood pool.  Kellen, on the other hand, who hasn't always loved it, did!

The hubs loves being competitive with my dad.  So between tennis, cards, and ping pong, I'm pretty sure he loves every minute.

Craig left us early Thursday morning to head back to work.  I demanded a quick photo shoot Wednesday night before he left.  Can you spot my new Walmart shirt??

Annual group shot

On Thursday evening, we headed to Ozark Barbeque to show the boys the big fish.  Carp, I think?

On Friday, we headed to our typical dinner spot, Paradise, for dinner.  It's too good, too convenient, and too picturesque to want to try a new place!

And then headed back to our resort for a few more family photos.  I swear we didn't color-coordinate our outfits on purpose!

What a fun extended family vacation it was!  Now we're home for six full days and then off the Florida - just the hubs, myself, and B-Man!  Can't wait!

And because I didn't already post enough pics, how about a few more!  Here are my Instagrams from our week in the Ozarks!

Row 1: Pool time while baby's napping | Lake-watching | Morning cup 'o joe always tastes better with a view like this
Row 2: Our balcony view | Hammock swinging with my babe | Baby trunks hanging out to dry | Thursday night fish fry | A nice pool refreshment
Row 3: Morning bloody | Watching for boats | Hawaiian chicken kabobs | Last night din din | Mmmmm smores
Row 4: Dessert kabobs | First time in the lake for B | Worn out while shopping | Ozarks sunset | Brantley's fave place in the condo

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