Friday Randoms

There's less than 24 hours until we leave for a week at the lake and I have yet to begin packing.  I made a list.  Does that count?  Not to mention, there are still a few blog posts I wanted to check off my list before leaving (Brantley's 12-month post, mainly).  But I'm not really feeling it right now, so instead I'm going to be very random on this Friday afternoon and combine a few posts I had hoped to write.

I drove to Wichita (and back) already today.  Had to drop off the schnauz at my in-laws since he's not allowed in the Ozarks (thanks Sharon for watching him!).  We're leaving him there for 3+ weeks until after we're back from our trip to Florida.  I know he doesn't get the attention he used to, but it's still sad knowing we won't see him for three whole weeks (or more).

Someone might even miss him a little more than his mama.

I've never driven to Ta-Town by myself.  So naturally, my car's never been there.  Turns out, my antenna-less car (it broke once when I backed out of our garage with the door only half up) doesn't pick up many radio stations between here and there.  The result?  I bought an audiobook to listen to on my way back.  Gosh, that makes me feel old.

The book I bought?  Heaven is for Real.  I heard of it a few times last summer but never really knew what it was about.  I'm only half way through, but wow.  Crazy, real life story about a little boy dying, going to heaven, and coming back.

Brantley slept the entire 2 1/2 hour drive to Wichita.  And back.  This kid loves to sleep!

We went blueberry picking this week!  I did the same thing last summer and have been waiting anxiously for the blueberries to be ready.  Just another thing to do in the KC area and another reason I love this place.

Yesterday, I had my oil changed and tires rotated at Walmart.  While I was wasting time waiting, I strolled through the clothing department.  (Something I never thought I'd do.)  Surprisingly, Wally World has some hidden gems!  I left with three of the below items...each at $15 or less!  Can you guess which three?  (The last two are swim cover-ups.)

We switched our kid to whole milk a week ago.  Now, we're trying to make the switch from milk in a bottle to milk in a sippy cup (as advised by our pediatrician).  But Brantley isn't sold on the idea.  Apparently, milk tastes better from a bottle.  Advice??

Since I probably won't have time to blog about our anniversary date night, I'll just include a snip-it here.  We had dinner at Garozzo's.  Craig ordered the 3-Way Pasta, which turned out to be 11 days worth of meals.  No joke.  The waitress said in her three years of working there, she's only seen one person finish it.  After dinner, we walked around at a park near Cooperate Woods, then had gelato from Spin.  Perfect night celebrating our three years of marriage.

What's up with Gmail's new format?  A tab for Primary, a tab for Social, and a tab for Promotions.  I bet you're really confused, Grandma...

Today is July 12.  On August 12, I return to the real world.  Ugh.  Why is summer always so freakin' short?!

Happy weekend!

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