Not-So-Smart Hubby

Someday, the hubs will look back at this and laugh.  Which is why I'm blogging about it.  But I'm not sure that day is here just yet, and he definitely wasn't laughing last Friday.


Friday was a warm day.  After work, we decided to relax and enjoy a few beers on our deck.  We dug out the chair cushions, which had been packed away all winter, and brought out the baby gate so Brantley could crawl around without tumbling down the stairs.  The sun was beaming, and though it felt amazing on my winter-white skin, we didn't want Brantley to sunburn.  So, Craig also unpacked the patio umbrella from winter storage.

Let me preface this by saying my husband is very smart.  Probably one of the smartest people I know.  But on Friday afternoon, he must have taken a dose of stupid pills, because what he did next was not the smartest thing he's ever done downright stupid.  He put the umbrella through the hole in the table.  He was planning to go back downstairs to get the base, but in the meantime, he thought he'd unroll the umbrella to block Brantley's sun.  Next thing we knew, the tiniest gust of wind came along and tipped the umbrella which caused the glass table top to shatter into a million, tiny, little pieces.  It was all in slow motion.  Or at least it seemed like it to those watching...

Craig spent the next hour cleaning, sweeping, and vacuuming pieces of glass.  They were everywere.  On our deck, in the cracks between pieces of wood, and in the rock down below.  It was a mess.  There's absolutely no way to pick each piece out of the bed of rocks below, so we'll just have to be really careful when Brantley plays in our backyard this summer!

It was an accident.  We are lucky the umbrella didn't fall towards are glass patio door, or worse, on to Brantley.  We're also lucky I was holding him at the time and he wasn't beneath the table when it shattered.  A little sad at the same time since we use that table all the time in the summer.  Now we have to shell out $125 to get the table top replaced.  It will be well-worth it though and let's hope we learned to never stand the umbrella in the hole (much less put it up) without the base to support it!

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