Vacation Booked!

I didn't grow up in a family that had a ton of money.  Neither one of my parents went to college, but they did work hard to provide our family of four a comfortable life.  One of my favorite things about growing up is that we always took a summer vacation.  My parents saved throughout the year and made it a priority to get away each summer.  The vacations weren't extravagant - but they were family-oriented vacations and allowed my sister and I to see different places.  Orlando/Daytona Beach, Texas, Colorado, and Seagrove Beach, FL were the biggest, but I also remember traveling to Minneapolis (the Mall of America), St. Louis, and Hannibal, MO (home of Mark Twain).  The summer before 8th grade, we rented a condo at the Lake of the Ozarks.  We enjoyed it so much, the tradition stuck and it became an annual thing.  With the exception of a second trip to Seagrove Beach, FL in 2002, this will be the 18th straight year (if my math is correct) at the Ozarks - each year at the same resort, many in the exact same condo.  So clearly, vacations are important to my family. 

Here are some old vacation photos I dug up.

This was in Texas.  Reminds me of 'The Bachelor'! (1989?)
Daytona Beach - the 1st time.  Trisha broke her arm the first night we were there. (1993)

After Trisha broke her arm, we drove all the way back to Iowa...and then to Minneapolis for a few days! (1993)

Back to FL the following year! (1994)
Disney World - Check out those fanny packs! (1994)

Universal Studios (1994)

Disney's MGM Studios (1994)

Colorado (1995)

The Royal Gorge in CO (1995)
Rocky Mountains (1995)
Very first year in the Ozarks! (1996)
Spring Break trip to Seagrove Beach, FL (2000)
Back to Seagrove Beach (2002)

My dad and I (2002)
 And more recently - the proof is in the digital photos!
Lake of the Ozarks (2006)

Lake of the Ozarks (2008)

I've always told Craig, I want to make vacations the same priority that my parents did.  Yes, they can be expensive, but that's why we work.  So we can enjoy life.  I've said since last summer, I'd like to vacation to Florida this year.  I thought the beaches of Florida would provide a vacation that both parents and a 1-year old would enjoy.  My focus was on Destin.  It's known to be a very family-friendly spot on the panhandle of Florida with some of the most beautiful, white sand beaches in the US. 

After weeks and weeks and weeks of research, we finally decided on a resort!  Waterscape Condominiums on Okaloosa Island between the cities of Destin and Ft. Walton.  I hope it's as picturesque as the photos portray.  Though most of the Trip Advisor reviews were excellent, I couldn't find one resort that didn't have a handful of bad reviews (and I looked at what seemed like hundreds - which is why it took us so long to make a final decision)!  Seriously, the Internet is great and I'm not sure how people booked vacations pre-Internet, but it's frustrating when one person says it's the best place in the world and the next person says DON'T STAY THERE!!

Anyway, regardless, it will be great.  I has to be with a huge pool and kiddie pool, a tiki bar, and a lazy river...right??  Oh, and it's only 362 feet from the beach.  I've been dreaming about the day we could take Brantley to the beach since he was born!  And now that day is just 111 days away.

I'm so excited!  Excited to get away.  Excited to see the beach.  And excited for Brantley to start building vacation memories with his family like I have!



  1. So exciting to have vacation to look forward to! I totally agree, vacationing is something we enjoy doing and I'm always looking for the next vacation to plan. The resort looks great, I'm sure it's as pretty as the pics, I use Tripadvisor for everything, it's one of the best resources out there!

  2. So fun!! That resort looks amazing :) I agree I cannot wait to take vacations with our little family! We are dying for an adults only vacation too - so we're going to have to figure out how to balance that :)

  3. My God. You were a giant nerd from birth through 2002. You're lucky I didn't seethes pictures pre engagement. Would have bailed so fast. Major props to Greg for being a rebel and going sans fanny pack at Disney in 2002. No regrets Greg. I swear the picture of the Ozarks in 96 captures Greg right after he clocks you in the grill. Probably because you tried to make him wear a fanny pack. Deserved it. Nerd.