Brantley's First Day at the K

We love Royals games.  They are one of our favorite summertime activities!

The hubs has always been a fan.  Growing up in Kansas, I suppose that's a given.  I frequented Kauffman Stadium quite a bit - more than any other baseball stadium - in my pre-KC years, too!  My aunt and uncle live east of the city and my family used to visit every few summers.  The summertime trips usually consisted of a Royals game.  I moved here, and despite my St. Louis Cardinal-loving family, it just felt natural to cheer on the boys in blue! 

We have been looking forward to Brantley's first Royals game since the day he was born!  We watched his first game on t.v. in the hospital.  This was in our boarding room.  Brings back both good and bad memories...

Anyway, we debated taking Brantley to his first game last fall, but it never happened.  Since this was opening weekend, and the weather was nice (70-something first pitch temp), we jumped on the opportunity to introduce Brantley to Kauffman Stadium at just nine months old!

I'm convinced that having a baby makes everything more fun.  I can't even tell you how exciting it was to take our baby to his first game!  We tailgated, grilled some hot dogs, and took in all nine innings of the game.  Brantley was a champ!  I was a proud mama and have never been more excited about having a little BOY!


Brantley even got a cerfiticate for attending his first Royals game!  (Thanks to our neighbors for filling us in on this little secret!)  Local friends--take your little one to Guest Servives behind home plate during his or her first trip to Kauffman for a certificate of his/her own!

Brantley's first Royals experience was definitely one to remember!  When he got a little antsy, I took him to the "Outfield Experience" a kid-friendly area behind the outfield that includes a playground and carousel, amongst other activities for the littlest of Royals fans.

Crawling around with Mom near the playground
And guess what?  The Royals WON!  In a walk-off single in the bottom of the 9th.  But poor Brantley missed it because he decided to take a nap in Daddy's arms. 

How sweet is this?
And not only that, but they are currently in FIRST PLACE!  Perhaps the only time this year we'll be able to say that, but we'll hope for the best!

Here are a few more pics from Brantley's first day at the K!!

The playground in the outfield
Family photo

And again

View from our seats

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