A Good Weekend

What a weekend it was!  Busy from start to finish!  And nice weather, too!  Seems to be a theme around here.  Crappy weather during the week and nice weather on weekends.  But ya know what?  I'm totally okay with that!  I'd prefer nice weather 24/7, but this is second best!  Here's how we spent our weekend!

Since we went early, we were the only ones in the place.  Weird for a Friday night, right?  Brantley had free range of the store and loved exploring this new environment!

We ordered this bad boy last weekend and it arrived just in time for this weekend's nice weather!  The hubs attached hooks to our garage and deck, so Brantley can swing (or take naps) wherever we are! 

I chaperoned Mill Valley's Prom.  Brantley didn't go, but it was still a good excuse to dress him up as my date!

And finally, we spent our Sunday at good ole Kauffman Stadium!!  This is a blog post in itself (as are more pre-Prom pics), so stay tuned!

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